Butt Augmentation

Don’t let a flat or sagging butt prevent you from feeling confident when simple aesthetic treatments can volumize and lift it to give you your desired silhouette. Purefix utilizes the Sculptra Aesthetic injectables to achieve a  non-surgical butt augmentation effect. 
This injectable induces the body to make its own collagen in the targeted areas and will naturally and gradually add volume after injection. This treatment may be a good option for those who have limited fat to harvest for fat grafting or who desire a mild augmentation. Non-surgical buttock augmentation can also address more localized aesthetic issues such as the appearance of dimples or divots. However, the amount of possible augmentation is limited with the non-surgical approach, and while the effect is among the most long-lasting of non-surgical injectable treatments, it is not permanent. In addition, non-surgical buttock injections are more expensive than the surgical option.
What is the procedure duration?

45 – 60 minutes per treatment

How long does it Last?

Treatment is visible immediately but takes four to six weeks to fully set in. After the initial three treatments, results last up to three years.

How many treatments do i need?

We recommend an initial set of three treatments each spaced four to six weeks apart. Afterward, patients may be able to undergo a follow-up set of three treatments once every two to three years, but results do vary.

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