Breast Lift with or without Dermal Fillers

PRP Breast Lift with Fillers. A patient who lost weight being on the HCG diet noticed that she was losing volume and cup size of her breast. PRP is a natural material that would add half to one cup size to the breast over several weeks. It rejuvenates the breast tissue by releasing growth factors and thus addresses the volume loss. Adding a Derma-Filler allowed instant results and helped in correcting any breast asymmetry.


Breast lift with PRP and Radiesse. The procedure will add half to one cup size to the breast. No push-up bras and beautiful cleavage. The procedure is not intended to replace breast implants but to restore volume lost with aging and after breastfeeding also to correct asymmetry, if existing, and to give the breast a beautiful aesthetic and natural look and feel. PRP will also increase the sensitivity of the nipples and restore the original Areola color. In this patient, 20 ccs of PRP with Radiesse was added to the left breast and 30 ccs to the right breast to correct the asymmetry previously noted. PRP will give results over several weeks by releasing stem cells and growth factors that would rejuvenate the breast tissue, while the addition of Radiesse will give instant results. The use or a blunt cannula reduces bruising and adding lidocaine to the mixture makes the procedure to have minimal discomfort.


PRP will also increase the sensitivity of the nipples and restore its original color that could be lost with aging. Using Micro-Needling on the breast skin helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks occurring after weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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